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young, wild, & free

Jan 22

Who should I ship Bethany Mota with?

Jan 22

quote Laura’s my biggest Ally

— .Ross Lynch (via lovingtheshow)
Jan 22



They look like they’re getting wasted lmao

Jan 22

Jan 17


Drake on his first time smoking weed (x)

Jan 10
What the?!?! LOL UM

What the?!?! LOL UM

Jan 04

Nariana is over.

Dec 28

Read 'Through The Dark' on Wattpad →

please? :)))

Nov 08


3x1 It Happened That Night

Nov 08
  • Random Person: What are you doing this weekend?
  • Me: uhmm.. Uh.. Stuff...
  • Random Person: like?
  • Me: Cool stuff.. Uh. Yea
  • *the weekend comes*
  • Me: *scrolls through the raura tag* why doesn't anyone invite me to do stuff.. Ugh